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April 4th(Wed) ~ 6th(Fri), 2018
Exhibition Hall, EXCO
10,000 WON
(If you pre-register by online, you can get a free admission ticket.)

Free Entry: Online Registration or Invitation Holder

Online Registration (FREE) You can register only 1 person by online. If you want a register more then 20 people, you can use Group Registration.

1. Online Registration 2. Visit EXCO 3. Get a badge 4. Enter

Invitation Holder (FREE) Who have a invitation of Green Energy Expo

1. Visit EXCO 2. Fill out the registration form 3. Submit the invitation and registration form 4. Get a badge 5. Enter

Paid Entry: On-site Registration

1. Visit EXCO 2. Purchase a ticket 3. Fill out the registration form 4. Submit the registration form 5. Get a badge 6. Enter

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