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How will attendees at GREEN ENERGY EXPO find you?
How will you take advantage of the single largest opportunity this year to reach most important decision-makers?

35,000 industry professionals worldwide are expected to come.
40% of visitors have direct purchasing responsibility.
70% of registered attendees recommend or make final decisions about their company's purchase of products.
5.1% visits GREEN ENERGY EXPO to establish new business clients.

These facts illustate the need for you to take advantage of this opportunity to make an impact on these attendees.

Sponsorships and Advertising deliver visibility and impact!

Increase your exposure! Take advantage of sponsorship and advertising programs to attract the attention of the industry's most powerful players. This program is a high-impact, high profile marketing technique that drives influential professionls to your exhibit and generates more qualified sales leads.

Gain a competitive edge through Sponsorship & Advertising program of GREEN ENERGY EXPO.
Sponsorship Inquiries
Seokbeom(Mark) kim
Tel : +82-53-601-5052
Email : mark@exco.co.kr

Advertising Inquiries
Eunyeong Cho
Tel : +82-53-601-5371
Email : : renew@exco.co.kr
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