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온라인 부스신청

Click the button and fill in the
application form by Application Deadline.

오프라인 부스신청

Fill in the application form, and send that to the following address or fax by the Application Deadline.
[Download an Application Form]
E-mail : energykorea@exco.co.krr
Tel : +82-53-601-5376
Fax : +82-53-601-5372

  • Early Bird Discount : 7th Nov, 2014 (10% Discount)
  • 27th Feb, 2015 (Application maybe rejected if all space has been reserved)

Participation Fee
Type of Booth Price Size
Space Raw Space (Hall) US$ 2400 9㎡(3m x 3m)
Outdoor US$ 1400 9㎡(3m x 3m)
Installation Basic Type US$ 330 9㎡(3m x 3m)
Premium Type US$ 550 9㎡(3m x 3m)

Terms and Regulations
Terms and Regulations
Allocation of Exhibit Space The organizer shall allocate the space in accordance with the order of the application, the size of the space applied for, the nature of the exhibits or in the manner the organizer deems fits.
(See the Number 3 in 'More Detail of Regulations')
Change We require notification of change at least 61 days before (12th Feb, 2015) the exhibit.
Cancellation We require notification of cancellation at least 2 months before (1st Feb. 2015)the exhibit.
Refund The exhibitor should promptly notify the organizer that cancellation in writing before 6th Feb. 2014 for refund without deposit.
* No refunds will be considered after 1st Feb. 2015.
(See the Number 6 'Cancellation by exhibitor' in 'More Detail of Regulations')

Contact : Green Energy Expo +82-53-601-5376 (fax. 5372) / energykorea@exco.co.kr

(702-712) 90, Yutongdanji-ro(St.), Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea Tel+82-53-601-5375 Fax+82-53-601-5372 / E-mail : pv@exco.co.kr