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Cell · Module
Single-crystal Silicon CellㆍModule, Polycrystal Silicon CellㆍModule, Thin-film Silicon CellㆍModule, Single-crystal Multi-cellㆍModule, Polycrystal Multi-cellㆍModule, Dye-sensitized CellㆍModule, Organic-film CellㆍModule, Spherical-silicon CellㆍModule, Cellㆍmodule application, Building Integrated Photovoltaic module (BIPV), etc
Material · Components
Polysilicon, Ingot, Spherical-silicon, CellㆍGlassㆍFlexible PCB, EVA Sheet, TFE reaction gas, Metal electrode materials, Transparent electrode materials, Multi-semiconductor materials, Organic-film materials, Oxidation-semiconductor materials, Organic pigment materials, Nanoparticle, Module materials, etc
Power · Plant System
DesignㆍInstallationㆍConstruction, PlanㆍConsulting, ConstructionㆍManagement, MaintenanceㆍMonitoring, Outer coverㆍRoof system, Power Station, Streetlight, Signboard, Direction Indicator, Solar block light, Solar power generation, Absorber, Regenerator, Water treatment, Air conditioning system, Solar power controller, Circulation pump, PipingㆍHeating materials, etc
Solar Cell · Module Production Equipment
Silicon productionㆍtest equipment, Ingot productionㆍtest equipment, Wafer cutting equipment, Wafer productionㆍtest equipment, Circulation equipment, Immersion equipment, Lamination equipment, Vision inspection equipment, Print equipment, Electrode formation equipment, Anodizing equipment, Material handling, Clean room equipment, CVD equipment, Sputtering equipment, Etching equipment, Plasma equipment, Scribe equipment, Laser cutting equipment, Cell Production vacuum equipment, Cell plating equipment, Cellspecific valuation equipment, Energy measuring equipment, PV performance diagnosis equipment, PV development measuring equipment, Manufacturing process monitoring equipment, Environment monitoring equipment, Diagnosis equipment, Simulation Cell test equipment, PCV test equipment, Module test equipment, etc

Battery, Flywheel, Capacitor, CAES, PHS, Battery Management System (BMS), Power Conversion & Control System, Power & Energy Management System, SCADA, ESS Control System, Battery Production Equipment & Materials, Test/Measurement Equipment

EMS & ESS, AMI Infra, Smart Home & Building Tech, EV & Charging Infra, Distribution Automation System, DR & VPP, etc

Wind Turbine
Small · Grand Wind Power Generation Systems, etc.
Devices and Components
Rotor Blades, Rotor hubs, Converters, Generators, Main Shafts, Transformers, Bearing(Rotor, Pitch, Yaw), Wind & Water Pumps, Towers, Brakes, Cables, Cable conduits, Gears, Gear boxes, Gear box oil, Electronic Power & Technology, Components, Lubricants, etc.
System and Software
Hybrid System, Security System, Elevator system, Irish system, Computer Control MSR Technology, Control Technology, CMS, Software, Corrosion Protection Products, Examination equipments, Capability Maturity Model, etc.
Managing · Service · Consulting
Association, Government, Certification Agencies, Development and Operating Company, Consulting, Financial services, Banking, Smart Grid, Power, Transportation, Insurance, Publications, Research and Maintenance Facilities, etc.

Green Car
Hybrid Cars, Plug-in Cars, Electric vehicles, Electric buses, Fuel cell cars, Electric bicycles, Electric scooters, Golf cars, etc.
Component and Material
Electrolyte, Ion Exchange Membranes, ElectrodeㆍCatalysts, Gas Diffusion Layers (GDL), Separators, MEAs, Current Collectors, Safety valve, Insulation tube, Activated charcoal, Ionic liquids, Hydrogen storage alloy, etc.
Manufacturing Technology
Electrode system, Electrode assembly, Grinding Machines, Dispenser, Mixture, Coating Applicators, Electrodes, Furnace, Drying Furnace, Firing Furnace, RollㆍHot Press Machines, Screen Printer, Press Molding Machines, Cleaning Equipment, CADㆍCAM, Stamping equipment, Laser welding, Cutting, Charging devices etc.
Testing, Analysis and Evaluation
Single Cell Test Equipment, Electric Characteristic Evaluation Equipment, Power Load Equipment, Gas Analysis Equipment, Hydrogen SensorsㆍGas Sensors, Flow MetersㆍDew-point HygrometersㆍThermometersㆍManometers, Analysis Software (Structure, Heat, Electromagnetic, Fluid, Sound), Other Calibration DevicesㆍDetection Devices, Material Inspection Equipment, Cell Inspection Equipment, etc.
Rechargeable battery
Li-ion batteries, Nickel metal hydride batteries, Nickel-cadmium batteries, Air batteries, Capacitors, NAS battery, Power storage systems, etc.
Related Equipment
Gas TurbinesㆍSteam Turbines, Nano-technologies, InvertersㆍConverters, Pure Water Manufacturing Equipment, Chargers, Battery cases, Transformers, Circuit breakers, etc.
Hydrogen Production Equipment and Technologies, Reforming Equipment and Technologies, Pure Hydrogen, Fuel(Gasoline, Kerosene, Naphtha, Methane, Propane, Butane, Methanol), Biomass Systems, Hydrogen Storage Tanks and Containers, Hydrogen Absorption Alloys, Hydrogen Sensors, Hydrogen Storage Related Materials, Dispensers, Hydrogen Stations, etc
Fuel Cells
Fuel Cell (PEFCs, DMFCs, SOFCs, PAFCs, MCFCs, DBFCs, AFC, Hydrazine Fuel Cell), Fuel Cell Powered-cars and motorbikes, Fuel Cell Powered-mobile Devices, Fuel Cell Powered-plants and houses, etc
Liquid fuel (Bio-diesel, Bio-ethanol), Biomass production and processing (Pellets, Timber boiler, Forest products, Briquette), Biomass, gasification (Methane gas, Land Fill Gas), etc
Solar Thermal
Water heater and Air-conditioning system, Applied products, etc
Heat Pump Production, Geothermal Heating and Cooling System Installation, etc
Tidal power Generation, Tidal Current generator, Wave-power Generation, ocean thermal energy conversion, etc
Small Hydropower Plants
Generating systems design and production, Generation producer (Public Institution, Local gov. Private business), etc
RDF (Refuse Drived Fuel), Used Oil Re-refining, Thermal depolymerisation, Heat compression, etc
Coal liquefaction, Coal gasification, etc
Green Industry
Transportation (Hybrid, Electric, CNG, LPG Vehicles), CO2 reduction & Green Growth industry, Antipollution industry, Atomic power industry, CDM industry, etc
LED Lamp, Chip, Modules, LD (Laser Diodes), LED Back Light Unit, LED Lighting, Automotive, Traffic Signal, Architectural LED Displays, LED Signs, LED Application Category, Accessories, Process Technology, Components, etc
Climate Change Policy Office
Energy efficiency, energy conservation, greenhouse gas emissions, local activation policy addressing climate change and renewable energy, renewable energy industry cluster, etc
Smart Grid
Smart power service (Smart pricing system,
Smart Demand Response, Smart Power Exchange System),
Smart Transportation (EV recharging system and materials, battery,
V2G system and materials), Smart Renewables (New and renewable energy,
large scale power storage system, micro grid, power quality compensation,
power trade infra etc.), Smart Place(AMI, smart meter, home network,
energy management system, fuel cell etc.),
Smart Grid and materials (Smart substation, Energy management system,
Distribution automation system, SCADA, Flexible AC transmission system,
High voltage DC transmission system, Power information and communication system, Data management system, Security system )
LiB, NaS, RFB, Super Capacitor, Flywheel, CAES, Carbon Nanotubes
Energy Components Material
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