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  • Date April 3th(Wed) ~ 5th(Fri), 2019
  • VenueEXCO
  • Title International Green Energy Expo & Conference 2019
  • Hosted byDaegu Metropolitan City, Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Organized by EXCO, Korea New & Renewable Energy Association, Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association, Korea Wind Energy Industry Association, Korea Hydrogen Industry Association, Kotra
  • Conference1,720 industry professionals from 17 fields of renewable energy attended in 2016
  • GoalTo establish most suitable marketing bridge-head in Asian Market
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The sole exhibition co-organized by the 5 major associations in Renewable Energy field

Korea New & Renewable Energy Association

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency

Korea Wind Energy Industry Association

Korea Hydrogen Industry Association

Korea's Largest Event

258 companies from 20 countries, 28,000 trade visitors
Growing rapidly with more than 45% increase every year since 2004
2017 possible contract : 550 million USD

One of the Most International Events in Asia

Over 40% of exhibitors from overseas such as China, Germany, U.S.A, Japan, Taiwan etc. since 2006
The only Expo in Korea sponsored and attended by global PV companies
Foreign governments including Netherlands and Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey participated

The Most Professional Event in Korea

A huge group of foreign buyers and trade visitors, 40% of them are executive members
Concurrent event
- International Green Energy Business Conference
- Global Photovoltaic Conference

The Most Satisfactory Event for Overseas Exhibitors

64% of exhibitors were satisfied with the show, 73% of exhibitors have stated that they will participate in the next show
Press releases are distributed with 5 languages(Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, German) to 52 countries
- Exhibition and exhibitors exposed to media through 15 Global media partners
Certified as professional and superior exhibition & conference by government & national institutions
Certified as professional and superior exhibition & conference by government & national Institutions
The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry(UFI) Certified by UFI which is most influential Certificate Authority in the exhibition industry
The Association of Korea Exhibition Industry(AKEI) Certified as International Exhibition since 2008
Ministry of Knowledge Economy Promising Trade Fair from the Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy since 2009

Global Exhibitors Interviews


Klaus Rave

"The decline of the nuclear industry, the risks with respect to climate change brought about by burning fossil fuels and the limits and scarcity of resources jointly establish a strong business case for a truly global wind industry. To further develop that market IGEEC has an important role to play."

Rhone Resch
President & CEO

"On behalf of the 5,000 companies in the United States that make up the solar industry, I want to wish congratulations for your 10th anniversary. International cooperation is a key to grow in the solar energy industry worldwide. It is now more important than ever that we come to the table as friends to address the challenges that our industry faces and together build a robust global renewable energy industry. And that's what's happening here in Korea."

Bloomberg New
Energy Finance

Jenny Chase
Head of Solar Insight Service

"These are exciting times for the solar industry, as the world adjusts to low module prices and cost-competitive solar. We expect this exhibition to showcase Korea's solar companies, and bring together the major players from a dynamic region of the world to discuss some of the most exciting solar markets and the ongoing consolidation of the solar manufacturing industry."

Bernd Bosche
Managing Director

"Korean wind energy market is rapidly growing. This could also be seen by last year's OBMC in Husum which highlighted the Korean wind industry and was accompanied by a Korean delegation. The IGEEC hosted by the Korea Wind Energy Association offers the great opportunity to meet several Players of the Korean wind industry and therefore to make a lot of winning contacts."

Tobias Caspari

"It is the fourth time that we participate in this exhibition. It is a very good platform to have a discussion with our customers in Korea. It was great to meet various customers and to talk about roadmap and cooperation with them, which is very important for us."

Mark Yang

"I find this exhibition very comprehensive. It covers not only the major manufacturers in the world but also the spectrum of all different types of technology for the green energy future. We are very happy to be a part of this exhibition and certainly learn a lot from visiting different booths in this very well-organized exhibition."

Byeongwuk Lee
Section Chief

"We have focused on overseas marketing laying emphasis on the U.S. since the takeover of DeWind in 2009, but now we are also looking for the opportunities to expand domestic renewable energy industries with winning the wind-generator contract of Yeong-Guang city. In this regard, International Green Energy Expo is a good chance to promote the current state of businesses, products and strong points of our company."

Dongchul Jang
Deputy Department Head

"In this exhibition, we are presenting how our automation solutions can bring benefits to customers. As a number of exhibitors are our potential customers, we first research the solutions they already have and then introduce our solutions so that we can show the precise one they need."
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