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Title | Global Green Energy Innovation Technology Collaboration (2018) Name | Manager
Date | 2018-03-23 9:15:48
E-mail | hjlee@exco.co.kr

Join us at

Global Green Energy Innovation Technology

 Collaboration 2018 of Korean edition.


  APVIAƽþ¾籤ȸ, SNEIAؽſȸ, NEIAAP, KOPIA(ѱ¾籤ȸ), ڴ 4 5 ִ ¾籤 ȸ 15ȸ ׸ 忡 Ʒ GEIC(Global Green Energy Innovation Technology Collaboration) 縦 մϴ.


  12 ¾籤() ȸ (ѱ ׸ ְ)Ͽ APVIA SNEIA г а ̳ ֽ ¾籤 Ұ Դϴ.

- : 2018 4 5 13:00~17:00

- : 1Ȧ 峻 ǥȸ

- ð


The Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) and New Energy Industry Association for Asia and the Pacific (NEIAAP) and Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNEIA), KOPIA(Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association) and EXCO have jointly launched the Global Green Energy Innovation Technology Collaboration program at GREEN ENERGYEXPO 2018, which is the largest PV Trade fair in Korea.

We are confident that the program will provide you with an opportunity to speed up the process of converting technological achievements into productive capabilities and to promote the bi-directional exchange of technology and information.


We all are cordially inviting you to participate in the third event at Solar City Daegu, Korea. The Korea version of Global Green Energy Innovation Technology Collaboration will include the below outstanding program as following :


13:00 -

Mou Ceremony,

Dr. Murray Cameron,COO, APVIA & Kenneth Kim,

Executive Vice President, EXCO

13:05 -

Welcome Address & Outline of Programme,

Dr. Murray Cameron,COO, APVIA

13:10 -

Welcome Address by special co-organizer GCL,

Mr. Kobe Qin, Sales Director, GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd

13:15 -

Keynote presentation 1.1
Mr. Seo Jae hong, General Manager,Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association (KOPIA)

Market policy & industry


Panel Discussion (1) including questions from the audience:

Advanced Solar & Storage Technologies

Moderator: Dr. Murray Cameron, Chief Operating Officer (COO) APVIA

Panelists: Mr. Brad Bae, President, Emax Power

Domestic (Korea) ESS Market status and Forecasting ESS

Market focused on New Applications

Mr. Kang Sang Jin, Director, Destin power

Precautions for maximizing revenue of PV connected ESS

Mr. Seo Hae Hong, General Manager,

Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association (KOPIA)

14:55 -

Keynote presentation 2.1
Dr. Murray Cameron, Chief Operating Officer (COO) APVIA

E-Mobility & the impact of renewables



Panel discussion (2) including questions from the audience: PV Technology Innovations in South Korea & other parts of Asia and their likely impact on the PV Market

Moderator: Dr. Murray Cameron, Chief Operating Officer (COO) APVIA
Panelists: Mr.Bin Du, Senior Engineer of Floating Products, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.
Sungrow floating solar power station one-stop solutions

Mr. Milan Koev, Head of APAC, REC Solar Pte Ltd

Leading Technological Advancements in Solar Power

Mr.Kim Yong Wook, Chief Representative, Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd.

Advanced and innovative Suntech technology and modules


Discussion with the audience

16:55 -

Closing remarks


Speech and panel discussion

13:00 ~ 17:00, April 5th 2018

Place: A-150 at Hall 1 of EXCO,

 Solar City Daegu, S. Korea


Free admission for tradeshow visitors.



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